Compare and Contrast (Gale vs. Peeta) | February 6, 2012

From reading all three Hunger Games books multiple times one cannot help but see differences and similarities between Peeta and Gale.

1. Gale is a mans man who hides his emotions very well. Katniss doesn’t even really realize that he is in love with her.

2. Gale is a hunter. He hunts stuff. 

3. I have also noticed that Gale is a very proud man… ehh boy… guy. This also has a factor in why he doesnt show his emotions well. I think it really has to due with the fact that his father died when he was young and so he had to take care if his family. He had to grow up very fast. He is too proud to accept hand-outs and thats why he hunts. 

4. Peeta is a little softy. Which I find completely adorable. He has loved Katniss her whole life and never said anything to her. His hiding of emotions is caused by a something different than Gale. Gale had to grow up fast and is just plain old tough but, Peeta is just very shy and adorable.

6. Although Peeta may seem all sweet and innocent he is also a very smart guy. He “plays” the “Im in love with a girl Im gonna have to kill” thing very well and ends up saving Katniss’s life, along with his own. 

7. Peeta is baker. He bakes stuff. This contrast to Gales hunting is caused by Peetas love of expression and Gales lack there of. 

8. (This doesnt really have to do with the book but more so the movie) Gale is so much hotter than Peeta. Its true and we all know it but, sweetness trumps looks in my book any day.

So if I was Katniss and had to pick one of these guys I would choose in a heartbeat…. Peeta! 


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